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Pashmina and Handicraft Export

Nepali Pashmina

Either a best gift for your friend from Nepal or best way to improve your business with good profit with best quality of textiles product and one of the most warmest tissue, the hand made Pashminas stuffs in Nepal is known in the world as Nepali Pashmina. Shawl, Scarf, Sweater, cap, Blankets, and trousers are best way to protect from cold. Kashmir was known for Kashmiri Pashmina so now days it is called Kashmiri Pashmina. You can see yourself how to make Sweeter, Blanket, Scarf or shawls. If you prefer we can provide you the opportunity to visit our hand operate machine production factory to choose any quality, any size, any color, more than that we provide you things as your design too.

The raw soft inner fur/hair/ wool come from special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of the Himalaya. These goats grow a thick, warm fleece. They survive on thick grasses of Himalaya, where temperatures around −20 °C (−4.00 °F). The goat sheds its winter coat every spring. One goat sheds approximately 80-170g (3-6 ounces) of the fibre.

These goats provide fine wool which is considered some of the worlds finest, are exported worldwide.

The Pashmina textiles are strong, light, and soft. Hands made Pashmina shawls in Nepal are made from fine and soft woolen fibre which is extremely warm to wear with its soft and sweet and comfort feelings.

Handicrafts, Thankas and Nepali products

As well as Pashminas we export the Nepal made handicrafts and Thankas which our guest can get their door delivery service within a week. If you are interested and looking for Nepali handicrafts, Pashminas, Thankas then we would be glad to provide the information and services. We have long experience of buying and sending in different country. Many of our guest and clients are glad to work with us as Handicraft and Pashmina and Thankas guide. We would like to talk you detail by email or over phone for different matters if your interested. Let us one chance to work with you!!