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Our Team

Our company is operated by an experienced team. The team leader is Mr. Govinda Tiwari who is also an accomplished musician. He is an expert in both Nepali folk and classical music. Mr. Govinda Tiwari is also the Director of Magical Creation and active in the production and distribution of music records and videos.

Mr. Govinda Tiwari possesses a ‘A’ grade trekking, tour, and tourist guide certificate. He speaks English, French, Hindi, Nepali and Tamang. Mr. Govinda Tiwari started being involved in the tourism sector accompanying his foreign friends to various parts of the country. Over the years his experience and popularity has grown and besides his artistic activities, Mr. Govinda Tiwari has also established Magical Mysteries Trekking and Expeditions to increase his range of services to a larger group of foreign visitors.

Mr. Govinda Tiwari visited several European and Asian countries and knows the specific requirements and needs of his foreign guests.

Mr. Thakur Tiwari is responsible for the management of the company. He holds a bachelor degree in tourism and hospitality.

Our staff is government licensed, dedicated, experienced, helpful and friendly.

Our company promotes a responsible and sustainable tourism, respect local traditions and folks and ensures that all workers are paid decent wages and provided with adequate conditions.

We are not living only for ourselves. We give work and support to the people who need it and help other people live too.