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Annapurna Himalaya Range Annapurna Himalaya Range Everest
Spiritual and Heeling Adventure Activities:

We offer not only Yoga, Meditation, Pranayam (respiration), Rebirth, Retreat, Natural Therapy (Naturopathy, Water/ Hydro Therapy etc. but also the self realization. It means you will proof yourself that there is something in spiritual world. We have such mysterious Professional Gurus, teacher or instructors that they give the guaranty of self realization. It mean you will say yourself "wah ! I find something". Then you will start to realize the Universal truth (power) yourself. Somehow the world is inside us which we try to find outside. Nowadays many people are interested for spiritual secret method to know the reality.

For us any religion, any beliefs, any traditions, any culture acceptable but we have our own way to enter or to experience the universal truth. We provide Different types of yoga, Meditations, healings methods, Shamanism, and advance level of Kundalini meditations too which is tough but at last you will achieve the most precious result which is most important for enlightens or salvation. Here can be doubt how We try to explain by words but not doubts in reality with practice!!!!!

Spiritual Trek/Tour

Spiritual Trek/Tour

Magical Mystery is proud to announce these types of Magical and Mysterious Package Trekking and Tour. Mostly we organize Spiritual Tour and Treks in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India ....

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