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Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in NepalRiver Rafting in Nepal (Rafting in Nepal, raft Nepal, Nepal river raft, Nepal Rafting)

Nepal is known by one of the richest country for the water source or rivers. The water source can be from spring or from the head of the mountains, here are a lot of rivers which is carrying enough opportunity for the river rafters. According to the international scale developed on the Colorado River the River of Nepal are divided in six different grades according to its rapid.

River rafting trips of Nepal are easily combined with other activities like trekking, Tours, Jungle safari, sightseeing etc. Rafting in Nepali Rivers is one another most precious experience in white water in rapid water sometime flowing through small gorges and between higher mountains including Himalayas.

For the travelers in Nepal Rafting in Nepali Rapid Rivers is another magical and mysterious way to explore different landscapes, culture and different ancient style of local society. River is one easier transport for the place where there are fewer roads according to its geographical situation.

All the need equipments for participant are provided for the security and qualified river guide with license from Nepal Government with training and experience are provided with best quality inflatable raft with for the White Water River rafting in Nepal.

Magical Mystery adventure is glad to inform that we organize the White water rafting / River rafting in Nepal if following Rivers. We provide you the rafting itinerary according to your wish. We appreciate your own itinerary too which will be suitable for you.


Grade 2 to 4
Days 1 to 3

This river offers short and convenient trips of 1 to 3 days duration and is reachable in a few hours' drive from either Kathmandu or Pokhara. The trip can easily be combined with a trip or trek in Pokhara and a safari in Chitwan National Park.


Grade 2 to 3
Days 2 to 3

The Seti River flows from the slopes of Machapuchhare. This river is scenic but lacks major rapids. It offers a beautiful two-day trip all the way to Gaighat in the southern plains. The river is accessible from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Again, it is particularly suitable in combination with a visit to Chitwan National Park.


Grade – 5
Days - 3

One of the classic rivers of Nepal, it offers some of the most thrilling rapids. It flows through the huge gorges of the Annapurna massif passing through temples, villages and an old Rana Palance.


Grade – 3
Days 3 to 4.

This is a remote river in the mid-western part of Nepal. The trip on the river is of 4 days / 3 night’s duration and can be combined with a visit to Bardia National Park.


Grade - 4+
Days – 9 to 10.

The river begins from the Tibetan Plateau and is fed by many tributaries drained from Mount Everest. It has huge rapids comparable to other rivers and flows along the beautiful white sandy beaches that make ideal camping sites. The lower section of the river is covered with thick vegetation, which hides monkeys, leopards and an abundance of bird life.


Grade - 5
Days – 8

The mid-western part of Nepal the Karnali River can reach by after an hour’s flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgung. A long drive and a hike will bring in Remote River of remote area. It is a challenging river with rapids such as ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and ‘Inversion’ that are difficult and exciting. The river is for adrenaline addicts!

River Days River Grade River Grade in Spring Gradient River Distance From Kathmandu
Trishuli 03 Year round 3 to 3+ July to Sept 4+ 06 Ft./mile 38 km. 3 hours drive
Kaligandaki 03 Sep – Nov 3 to 4+ Feb – May 3 to 4 18 Ft./mile 55 km. 200+105 km
Seti Khola 02 Oct – Dec 3 to 4+ Feb – May 25 Ft./mile 35 km. 200km
Bhote Koshi 02 Oct – Dec 3 to 5 Feb – May 3 to 4 10 Ft./mile 20 km. 95 km.
Sun Koshi 10 Sep – Dec 3 to 5 Feb – May 3 to 4+ 10 Ft./mile 270 km. 3 hours drive
Marshyangdi 05 Sep – Dec 3 to 5 Feb – May 4 10 Ft./mile 47 km. 8 hours drive
Karnali 10 Sep – Nov 3 to 5 Feb – May 3 to 4 10 Ft./mile 180 km. 19 hrs. drive
Arun 12 Oct – Dec 3 to 4+ Feb – May 3 to 4 12 Ft./mile 70 km. 1 hr flight, 4hrs walk
Tamur 11 Oct – Dec 4 to 5 Feb – May 3 to 5- 12 Ft./mile 120 km. 19 hrs. drive