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Festivals in Nepal

Festivals and holidays of Nepal

Nepal is the ‘Land of Festivals’ with at least one part of the kingdom celebrating a festival every day of the year. Festivals may be linked with the memory of the departed soul, to herald a different season, to mark the beginning or end of the agricultural cycle, to mark national events or for family celebrations etc.. On a festival day the Nepalese take their ritual bath, worship different gods and goddesses, visit the temple, observe fasting and undertake feasting. The most important aspect of Nepalese culture is the religious harmony and that is why understanding prevailing among the Hindus and Buddhists.

Nepal is paradise of Festival where everyday can be festival. Nepal has more than 92 ethnic groups and more than 100 different language. According to different ethnic group it is normal that everyday there is at least one festival in different corner of Nepal. Dashain and Tihar is main festival of Nepali. In the Terai/ plain region Chatha parba and holy is most important same for Buddhist Lhochar is import. Those festivals Nepali takes ritual bath, worship different gods and goddesses, visit the temple, Stupa, monastery, observe fasting and undertake feasting. The most important aspect of Nepalese are culturel diversity and cultural harmony, religious diversity and religious harmony. That is why many different ethnic group and different religion in Nepal which gives a lot of different festival offers for the cultural lovers.

Nepal's major Festivals and Public Holidays. These festivals does not fall at the same time of yeat. Acording Nepali calendar every year it falls different days and months so following are approximately months

Months Festivals / public holidays
January Prithvi Jayanti and National Unity Day
January Maghe Sankranti, Makkar Snan in Sankhamul and Devghat
January National Martyrs' Day
January Shree Panchami Shree Swasthani Brata ends
January Lhosar (Tibetian New Year)
February Prajatantra Diwas (National Democracy Day)
February Education day
February Fagu Purnima (Happy Holi or Festval of colors)
February International Women Day
February Basant Ritu begins, Shree Machindranath Snan in Nala
March Ghode Jatra
March Chaitra Dasain, Shree Seto Machindranath Jatra
March Shree Ram Nawami
March Shree Hanuman Jayanti, Mela in Balaju
April Nepali New Year (2067 begins)
April Mother's day
May (Labor Day)
May Kanoon Diwas
May Buddha Jayanti - Birthday of Lord Buddha
May Smoking control day
June International environment day
July Shree Jaganath Yatra
July Guru Purnima
August Gai Jatra (In Kathmandu)
August Janai Purnima
August Father's Day
August Rishi Panchami
September Krishna Janmastam (In Patan)
September Teej
September Children's Day
September Indra Jatra
October Dashain Festival Starts for 14 days
October Fulpati
October Maha Astami
October Maha Nawami
October Bijaya Dashami (Main Day of Festival)
October Kojagrat Purnima (End of Dashain Festival)
October Goverdan Puja (means pray to the Male cow with respect)
November Tihar Festival starts
November Crow Festival
November Dog Festival
November Laxmi Puja
November Bhai Tika (Main day of Festival)
November Chhat Parba
December Aids Day
December Apanga Diwas
December Janakpur Mela (Bibha Panchai)
December Human Rights Day
December Shree Swasthani Brata begins