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About Us

Magical Mystery is a Adventure, Trekking, Tours and Expedition Company which organizes any type of programme for the visitors of Nepal; long and short trekking in any part of Nepal; tours including Bhutan, India, Tibet and in any parts of Nepal, all the heritage sites, national parks, panoramic spots; adventure activities, river rafting, paragliding, mountain flight with the best view of Mt. Everest, hot ballooning, ultra light aircrafts, jungle safari. During these activities, it also proposes to go at the discovery of the cultural aspects; typical Nepali folk music, Nepali ethnic groups music and dance, traditional and rural and lifestyle, local customs, beliefs and traditions. Magical Mystery also proposes health and relaxing activities such as; spa and massage meditation, natural (water) therapies, basic to advance yoga, with self realization.The name Magical Mystery in itself is sufficient to understand what the visitor to Nepal can expect. Nepal is truly a magical land full of mysteries. It is a land full of wonders which offers its visitors an unforgettable and enriching experience. It is a land of unique natural beauty. From the plains of Tarai, to the magnificent Himalayas, that is from 69 meter above sea level to 8848 m, the visitor is delighted with a series of landscapes and breath-taking panorama. Its climate ranges from sub-tropical, temperate and alpine and supports a rich and wide variety of flora and fauna; lush vegetation and wetlands of sub-tropical forests; terrace fields, orchards and picturesque hamlets of the densely inhabited hills; tea and cardamom plantations of the Eastern hills; forests of pines and blossoming rhododendrons; ochre and contrasting flamboyant green of the arid Trans-Himalayan region; alpine lakes and glaciers; countless enchanting valleys carved by pristine rivers.

Besides its natural beauty, Nepal is a land of cultural and architectural treasures; medieval palaces and temples, golden Newar pagodas, imposing Buddhist stupas. It is also a living cultural museum with its mosaic of ethnic groups, religious practices and rituals, traditional lifestyle. Nepal is a spiritual destination where Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims from around the world visit the country’s most important religious spots; the magnificent stupas of Buddhanath and Swayambhu; Lumbini, The Original birthplace of Lord Buddha; Pashupati most important Hindu temple of all the Hindu. All over the country there are numerous religious temples, shrines, chhortens, gumbas and monasteries. The Himalayas, abode of Gods, is the source of many spiritual inspirations and teachings. It is home to many retreats, ashrams, Tibetan monasteries. Cultural diversity and cultural harmony, religious diversity and religious harmony are the characteristics and one of another introduction of Nepal and Nepalese.

Nepal itself is the land of mysteries with its aura of mysticism; the lost paradise of Shangri-la, the mythical Yeti, secret rituals of the shamans and witches. Magic and mystery as are the ancient forbidden kingdoms of Mustang, the eternal land of Dolpo where the ancient Bonpo religion that predates Tibetan Buddhism is still found; the sacred lakes of Gosainkunda frequented by Shamans who derive their power from Lord Shiva, the Eastern hills famous for its rudrakshas, the seeds of the fruit of the bead tree, which holds amazing power.

Magical Mystery proposes to discover this magic and mystery, to experience the incredible hospitality of the Nepalese folks. It offers any programme suited to the needs and interests of any visitor. Magical Mystery is a registered company at the government and a revenue payer, which proposes a responsible tourism, ecology and nature protection and is committed to ethical practices. It encourages the use of local individuals and professionals, ensures their services are paid locally decent wages and emphasizes on a respectful and fruitful interactions between the visitors and local folks. Through its activities, Magical Mystery has allowed small-scale local social initiatives to take place.

If you are planning to come to Nepal, do not hesitate to contact us providing us with the basic information about the period and length of your stay in Nepal, the type of extra activities you are interested in, your introduction and basic information helps us to design specific activities for you. We will inform you about our offers while we understand your wish and desire. Please consult our web site for further details about all possible activities.